Advisory Board of Christ und Jurist e.V.

Dr. Hubertus Dessloch, Dr. Johannes Friedrich, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Lutz Simon (from left)

Freedom draws its legitimacy from responsibility. It is with joy and thankfulness that we experience this wherever freedom proves itself in solidarity, which is urgently needed. Currently we recognize three trends that have the possibility to alter the world we are familiar with: Digitalization without limits, freedom without responsibility, and enormous migration. Today, more than ever, our society is in need of light and orientation that flow from hearts that burn for Christ. Innovative solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems will thus become a reality.

Lawyers are increasingly required to act as mediators within society and as a hinge between society and the state, therefore needing to work in many new areas. As Christian lawyers, we draw from the synthesis of heart and orientational knowledge. We have learned that the liberal state lives by prerequisites which it cannot guarantee itself. This is a sentiment quite unpopular today. But do we want to watch the foundations of freedom being undermined by digitalization and radical powers without intervening? And this in a time when, facing so many people from foreign legal traditions in our country, it is essential to exercise freedom in responsibility right here and now?

As Christian lawyers, we more than ever bear responsibility for maintaining freedom and a sense of responsibility in society. Our home is subject to fateful transformations. What we won’t provide, will be lacking. This is the hour of us Christians! Let us confess courageously, and live out our faith! In this way, we can achieve a lot.

With this in mind, we wish the participants of the “Christ und Jurist” Congress 2016 a new sense of the freedom we have been given, and an exercise of it in responsibility.