Das Anliegen von
„Christ und Jurist“ ist es, christlichen Glauben und juristische Arbeit so zu verbinden, dass der Einsatz für das Recht zum Dienst am
Menschen wird.

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Colleagues,



Christ & Jurist e.V. is hosting the

Congress „Freedom“

 at the Evangelisches Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof in Stuttgart


Patron: Dr. Gerhard Maier, regional bishop (retd.)


Lawyers of all occupational groups, from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, students, retirees, and members of related professions, are cordially invited to attend, irrespective of denominational affiliation.

Freedom is a central value of society and a fundamental legal term. Yet there are many different facets of its legal usage: the law is to ensure freedom, harmonize the freedom of one individual with the freedom of another, and bring compensation wherever the freedom of individuals conflicts with the common good. As lawyers, we also know the freedom of the legal practitioner when there is leeway in decision-making, or in the exercise of discretion. And we also deal with the question of how to properly practice our “free profession”. At the same time, commitment to statute and law as well as professional ethical standards limit the available freedom.

On the one hand, the congress will explore the importance of freedom for the legal system in general. On the other hand, it will create space for reflecting on the personal significance of freedom for us as lawyers in different professions and denominations. Here, the possible conflicts in the professional life of lawyers can be brought up, and experiences can be shared. The participants are invited to challenge their perspective on their profession, their daily routine, and even long held convictions. Having dealt with freedom regarding the aspects of law and professional ethics, the topic will also be approached from a theological and philosophical perspective. Freedom is a defining concept of Christianity with a key role in the Bible as well as in church history.

Presentations, workshops, and interaction with members of other legal professions are intended to move us towards a deeper understanding of freedom, both in our workplace as well as in our spirituality, and not least in our society. During the congress, we will host special offers for law students and junior lawyers.

The key speeches will be given in German mainly, but translation into English will be provided throughout the congress. Some of the workshops conducted in English.


We would be delighted to welcome you from April 29th to May 1st.


Warm greetings,
Board and Preparation Committee for the congress of „Christ & Jurist e.V.”